Protocol Training

Studying the Bitcoin protocol design beyond the basics is hard for even the most motivated learners, as much of the protocol is hidden deep in the implementation source code.

Teach Bitcoin protocol training is an in-depth program that was inspired from the study of several hundred thousand lines of implementation code. It teaches you both the high and low-level designs of the Bitcoin Protocol, so you can greatly accelerate your journey to becoming a Bitcoin implementation developer or protocol researcher.

Free Introductory Sessions

The free 45 minute live introductory sessions are a great way for you to try out the TeachBitcoin protocol training, and to better understand if it is right for you.

Introduction to:
Finite Fields & Elliptic Curves
Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets

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An Interactive Course

Teach Bitcoin classes are live video courses in virtual classrooms with instructor and fellow learners, with the additional benefit of receiving full attention from the instructor in the video seminars and slack workspace during scheduled class hours.

Full Training Courses

Begin Date Description
Fri 22/02/2019 First Full Session

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